KDP Select Promo – March 2013

I’ve just finished a KDP Select campaign for my debut novel, The Serpent in the Glass. One of the reasons for running the campaign was to see the effect compared to past promo campaigns. In short, could KDP still deliver a solid punch if done properly?

1. Preparation

Firstly I should say that my book, The Serpent in the Glass, had 48 reviews with a 4.2 average rating as of campaign start. The cover appeals to both young and old, probably around age 9+. Campaign ran from Fri 22 – Sun 24 March 2013.

I contacted (mainly by filling out forms) over 30 sites that you can notify, for free, about your free promotions on Amazon Kindle. This doesn’t mean they will list your promotions, but some will. You need to start doing this about 3 weeks before your campaign runs.

I spent somewhere in the region of about $200 on various services, including a book-tweeting service and two modest adverts in a couple of the high-profile sites.

2. The Campaign

I tweeted, retweeted and replied to personal tweeters as they appeared. I tried to use some @ and # on twitter to help visibility, though I’m not very good at that. I posted on a dozen or more facebook groups.

3. The Results

12 hours into the first day: 4117 downloads and ranked at #111
16 hours into the first day: 7675 downloads and ranked at #30
Start of second day: 10,896 downloads and ranked at #10
4 hours into second day: ranking at #7 (PEAK)
6 hours into second day: ranking drops to #9
12 hours into second day: 13,469 downloads and ranked at #9
16 hours into second day: 14,382 downloads and ranked at #14
Start of third day: 15,392 downloads and ranked at #16
8 hours into third day: 15,882 downloads and ranked at #16
14 hours into third day: 16,680 downloads and ranked at #16
End of third day and campaign: 17,561 downloads and ranked at #37 (first-page position lost :( )

Breakdown of downloads per Amazon store:

Brazil: 2
Italy: 2
Spain: 6
France: 12
Japan: 19
Canada: 60
Germany: 152
UK: 464
US/India: 16,844

I shall report any sales/ranking changes in the next post, probably in early April.

Would you like to know exactly how I got so many downloads on day 1? Then go to this link.

11 Responses to “KDP Select Promo – March 2013”

  1. Impressive numbers, thanks for sharing your results. I certainly don’t make that much effort to give my book away! Maybe I should :)

  2. admin, on March 25th, 2013 at 7:00 pm said:

    Thanks, Nicola. The rank has gone up and a few sales have come in since I last posted. It’s about at the point where it was before the promo began right now.

    However, I expect more (and it better come in, because that’s some effort and 100 books sales worth of cash put into it)…

  3. Update – seems to be improving slowly. Will post back in a few days to give a clearer picture ;)

  4. KDP Select Promo, on May 28th, 2013 at 3:02 pm said:

    Dear Mr. Andrews,
    I have purchased your “Dreamwalkers” book on Amazon. I would, very much, like to see your promo suggestions. Thank you for your time and effort.

    DeeDee Andrews

  5. admin, on May 29th, 2013 at 9:10 am said:

    Thank you, DeeDee – it’s on its way!

  6. Congrats on working so hard to get some results.

    How are your sales now, some time on? Did the promo make a difference longer-term?

    How essential is Twitter? I’ve always regarded it as the essence of modern vapidity. (-: Do I really have to join?

    I’ll buy a book & order your file soon.

    Thanks again.

  7. admin, on June 16th, 2013 at 2:38 pm said:

    Thanks, John. Sales remained higher than pre-promo for some weeks. Recently they’ve returned to how they were before the promo.

    Twitter is useful. I’d definitely have it – but don’t spend too much time on it ;)

  8. Thankyou for that.

    So what does one do when sales drop back to previous low levels post-promo? Plan another promo?

    I have just bought Dreamwalkers on Amazon. Would you kindly email me your doc?

    I like your pragmatic approach, & can probably learn from it.

    Thanks & all the best,


    BTW I can access your site on the Firefox browser, but on Safari captcha prevents me from posting.

  9. Thanks, read your file. IMO it was well worth the .99. (-:

    Now to execute your instructions.

    I get the feeling that industrious authors like yourself, who study the market & patiently promote, are the ones who get there.

  10. DM,

    One more question. You do KDP giveaways, but that means you’re in Select, which means you’re excluded from selling your books in other channels (Smashwords etc). Are you un/happy about missing out on that distribution?

    Thanks again

  11. admin, on June 20th, 2013 at 11:14 am said:

    Only two of my books are in Select currently. I’ve not experienced much in the way of sales outside of Kindle, to be honest, though I do have some distributed via Smashwords simply because it gives more exposure. I tend to focus on Kindle.

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